Optimize Your SaaS Subscriptions with UniFi Identity Enterprise

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have become an integral part of businesses of all sizes for efficiency and scalability, but they come at a cost. 

According to the Demandsage:

  • Companies with fewer than 100 employees spend $487,301 on SaaS. 
  • Companies with more than 1,000 employees use over 177 SaaS applications.
  • SaaS applications constitute 70% of company software use. 

With such a proliferation of SaaS applications, businesses face the challenge of identifying recurring SaaS subscriptions and eliminating unnecessary payments. According to Flexera’s State of ITAM 2022 report, almost a third of all SaaS software spend is wasted across organizations. UniFi Identity Enterprise offers a centralized solution to efficiently track SaaS application expenses and visualize user activity. 


Get Notified of Inactive Users

UniFi Identity Enterprise allows you to receive notifications for users who haven't accessed their assigned applications for a specified duration. With a single click, you can remove these inactive users if app provisioning has been configured, optimizing your subscription costs.

To be alerted when users are inactive: Go to your Identity Enterprise Manager > SSO Apps > select an app > Settings and enable Notify admins when users have been inactive for a specific duration. The alert and inactive users will be displayed in the app’s Assignment tab.

Easily Track Monthly Expenses

Identity Enterprise simplifies expense management by automatically generating charts that illustrate each month's estimated or actual expenses. This helps you ensure timely cancellation of subscriptions for unused or redundant applications to prevent unnecessary expenses.

To use this feature: 

  1. Enable the Show app expense insights feature in your Identity Enterprise Manager > SSO Apps > select an app > Settings > General Settings > Expense Analysis
  2. Fill in your expense information in your Identity Enterprise Manager > SSO Apps > select an app > Settings > Expenses. It’s suggested to review SaaS usage and performance regularly in each app’s Overview tab.

Note: SSO Apps Expense Insights and Inactive Users Management are currently only available in the Standard Plan.

Visualize User Activity

Identity Enterprise automatically calculates app sign-ins and unique users and shows the most active users. This empowers you to cut costs by canceling or downgrading underutilized application subscriptions.

Unlock Simple and Secure SSO Access

With more than 40 pre-configured applications and support for SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and Shortcut, you can effortlessly centralize app management in Identity Enterprise Manager. Furthermore, Identity Enterprise enhances app security with conditional and risk-based MFA. Learn more about configuring SSO in Identity Enterprise

Don't let unnecessary payments eat into your budget – manage your apps in UniFi Identity Enterprise.

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