UniFi Access - Pair UniFi Protect Cameras and Chimes with Your Doors

By pairing UniFi Protect cameras with your doors:

  • The door’s G2 Pro/UA Pro and the paired cameras will automatically record a video when someone unlocks the door. Note that the Door Unlock Recordings option must be enabled first.
  • Admins can monitor doors remotely in real-time.
  • Admins can watch a playback of each access event in the system logs.

By pairing UniFi chimes with your doors, the paired chimes will ring when someone rings the doorbell.


  • Currently, ringing the doorbell from G4 or G4 Pro Doorbell will not send notifications to the Access application.
  • If you want a third-party chime to ring when someone calls from your UA G2 Pro or UA Pro or presses the doorbell push button, follow the steps here to wire the chime to your UA Hub.


  • UniFi Access application: v1.20.13 or later.
  • UniFi Protect application: v2.9.0 or later.
  • UniFi OS: v3.1.13 or later.
  • The UniFi Access and UniFi Protect devices must be adopted on the same console.
  • For UniFi Identity Enterprise admins, please ensure your Identity Enterprise Agent is 1.55.22 or later.

Pair Devices

When a camera or chime is paired with multiple doors simultaneously:

  • The camera will record a video when any of its paired doors is unlocked.
  • The chime will ring when someone calls from any of its paired doors.
  1. Go to your Protect Application > UniFi Devices to adopt the devices.
  2. Go to your Access Application > Devices > Location Hubs.
  3. Select a door and click Settings in the prompted panel.
  4. Click Pair Device and select cameras and chimes.

View Video Playback

After a camera is paired, do either of the following to view the playback of a door-opening event.

  • Go to your Access application and select System Log > Door Openings.
  • Go to your Protect application and select Detections > Door Access.

Monitor Doors

After a camera is paired, do either of the following to monitor the paired doors:

  • Go to your Access Application > Dashboard > Locations and select a door.
  • Go to your Access Application > Devices > Location Hubs > select a hub > Overview.
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