MAC Address Restricting

UniFi makes it easy to employ a MAC-based access control list in order to restrict unfamiliar devices from accessing your network.

Note: If you have a large number of client devices, or a pre-existing database of MAC Addresses, we recommend RADIUS-Based MAC Authentication (802.1X).

WiFi Clients

  1. Navigate to Settings > WiFi > Advanced.
  2. Select MAC Address Filter.
  3. Choose whether to build a Deny or Allow List.
  4. Fill the list with the MAC Address of the device(s) you wish to include.
    Note: If you provide corporate devices, we recommend disabling MAC Randomization and entering the hardware MAC address.

Wired Clients

  1. Navigate to a UniFi Switch’s Port Manager.
    1. UniFi Devices > Select a Switch > Port Manager
  2. Select your port.
  3. Select Restricted by MAC ID.
  4. Add the MAC Addresses you wish to allow.

Note: This feature is not available for built-in ports on the UDR, UDM-Pro, UDM-SE or UDW.

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