Automate Resource Assignment & Lighten Your Workload

Are you swamped with access requests that overwhelm your organization's helpdesk or inbox? Tired of the time-consuming manual assignment of access privileges? Wondering how long it takes for users to get essential work tools?

Bid farewell to these challenges! Introducing Auto Assignment, a revolutionary tool that streamlines resource assignment, granting users automatic access once their approval requests are approved.


Streamlined Automation

Imagine resources flowing effortlessly to your workspace users, and access granted seamlessly as approval forms receive the green light. This automation minimizes human errors from complex workflows and eliminates IT tickets tied to permission requests.

Customized Approval Forms

Tailor your approval forms to meet your organization’s unique needs. Whether it's roles, WiFi, VPN, doors, cameras, or SSO apps, you have complete control over which resources can be requested and who can request them.

Tailored Workflows

Enjoy the flexibility to assign specific users, groups, or roles as approvers within your workflow. The approval requests are automatically directed to the appropriate approvers based on a customizable workflow. For instance, you can establish a workflow that mandates approval from the applicant's manager, followed by relevant departments and IT administrators, ensuring the right resources are assigned to the right individuals.

Heightened Efficiency

Pre-design your workflow to seamlessly connect all process steps, erasing users’ uncertainty about the permission request process and eliminating the trouble of manual requests. Automatic notifications and alerts are sent to approvers, keeping everyone informed. All your workspace users need to do is fill out a simple form – and watch the magic unfold!

Enhanced Security

By leveraging the Approval Policy, admins can determine whether approvers need to be prompted for MFA based on the particular sign-in environment before granting or rejecting approval requests. This feature adds an extra layer of security for your valuable workspace assets, ensuring secure access to critical resources and mitigating potential risks. Learn more about Approval Policy

Empower your team to request resources like never before. 


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