UniFi Identity Enterprise - Integration with Slack

2023-11-24 02:49:07 UTC


UniFi Identity Enterprise supports integration with Slack. When integrated, UniFi Identity Enterprise can push selected types of notifications to Slack channels or direct messages.

Note: This is an early access (EA) feature. To apply for a free trial, please use your owner account to sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager and go to Settings > Plan & Billing > Feature Usage > Apply for Plan Add-Ons.

Supported types of notifications:

  • Network Management
    • Network Authorization
  • Door Access
    • Access Denials
    • Access Device Discovery and Status Changes
    • Remote Door Unlocking
    • Remote Calls
  • Account Activities
    • Kudos
    • Site Assignment
    • Ticket Assignment and Updates
    • Visitor Information
  • Approvals
    • Approval CCs
    • Approval Mentions
    • Pending Requests
    • Request Approvals and Denials
  • User Management
    • Device and Application Assignments
    • Role Updates
    • User and Group Modification
  • Security
    • Account Locked
    • MFA Reset Requests
    • Identity Enterprise Agent Token Expiration

Configure Slack Integration on UniFi Identity Enterprise 

  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager.
  2. Go to Lab > Integration > Third-Party App > Slack and click Connect > Continue.
  3. If you are the workspace owner or admin, click Allow.
  4. If you are not the workspace admin, you will need to install UniFi Identity Enterprise from the App Directory and then follow Step 3.

Enable Slack Webhook

  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager.
  2. Go to Lab > Integration > Slack Webhook and click Create.
  3. Fill in the general information, subscribe to events, and click Save.

Send Notifications to Slack

  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Workspace.
  2. Click your profile picture on the top right corner and click Manage Your Account.
  3. Click Notifications Preferences and tick the "Slack" checkboxes for the notifications you want to receive on Slack. 
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