UniFi Identity Enterprise - Create SAML-Supported SSO Apps

  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager (https://[your workspace domain].ui.com/cloud).

  2. Click SSO Apps.
  3. Click the Add New App icon > Add Custom App.
  4. In the SAML 2.0 tab, click Add.
  5. Complete the general settings.
    • App Name: Enter the app's name.
    • App Logo (Optiona): Click Update Logo to upload an image in PNG or JPG format (maximum 400 pixels, 200 KB).
    • Single Sign-On URL: The location to send the SAML assertion using a POST operation. This URL is required and serves as the default Assertion Consumer Services (ACS) URL value for the Service Provider (SP). This URL is always used for Identity Provider (IdP) initiated sign-on requests.
    • Audience URI (SP Entity ID): The intended audience of the SAML assertion.
    • Default RelayState: The page that the users will be redirected to following successful sign-on.
    • Name ID Format: The username format that you're sending in the SAML Response. Consult the SP documentation to determine which format to use, but use the default (Unspecified) if the application doesn't explicitly specify a format.
    • App Username: The default value to use for the username with the application.
  6. Click Add.
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