UniFi Network - Jumbo Frames

Jumbo Frames allow the use of Ethernet frames larger than 1500 bytes and is supported on both UniFi Gateways and Switches. The Jumbo Frames option is available in the Global Switch Settings and in the device details.

MTU Size and Exceptions

On UniFi Switches and Gateways, the typical MTU size is 9216 bytes when using Jumbo Frames. This applies to all devices with the exception of the following: 

  • USG: 9000 bytes
  • USG-Pro: 9000 bytes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On which devices should I use Jumbo Frames?
We recommend using Jumbo Frames on all devices in the network, including the clients. If a device uses the standard MTU size of 1500 bytes, connectivity issues may occur.
2. How can I enable Jumbo Frames on my clients?
Generally this option is available in the network adapter settings. Please refer to the relevant operating system or manufacturer documentation for more information. The Jumbo Frames option may be referred to as MTU 9000 or a similar value instead.
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