UniFi Access - Emergency Lockdowns and Evacuations


When Emergency Lockdown is enabled:

  • All doors will be locked immediately.
  • All access methods will be disabled.
  • The G2 Pro will blink red and its screen will display LOCKDOWN.
  • The G2 will blink red.

When Emergency Evacuation is enabled:

  • All doors will be unlocked immediately.
  • The G2 Pro will blink green and its screen will display EVACUATION.
  • The G2 will blink red.

Note: We highly recommend updating your Access application and devices to the latest version for optimal experience.

Activate Emergency Mode

Automatic Activation

If fire equipment is connected to the EMER port of your UA Hub, the default emergency mode will be automatically activated when an emergency signal is sent from the fire equipment.

For UniFi Access & UniFi Identity Enterprise admins, to configure the default emergency mode mode:

  1. Go to your Access application > Devices.
  2. Select a UA Hub and go to Settings > EMERGENCY > Mode.
  3. Select Lockdown or Evacuation as needed.

Manual Activation


  • When manually activating the UA Hub Elevator’s emergency mode, the settings configured in UA Hub Elevator > Settings will take precedence. For example, the UA Hub Elevator will enter Emergency Evacuation mode based on the predefined setting, overriding any manually initiated Emergency Lockdown mode.
  • When manually activating UA Hub/UA Hub Door/EAH-8’s emergency mode, the predefined setting in UA Hub Elevator > Settings will not override the manual activation. Requires UniFi Access application 4.2.9 or later.
  • Manually activating an elevator's emergency mode via the Access mobile app or a physical button is currently unsupported.
UniFi Access
Access admins and door attendants can manually activate the emergency mode by doing either the following:
  • Go to the Access application > Dashboard > Locations > Emergency Mode.
  • Go to the Access application > Settings > Security > Emergency > Emergency Mode.
UniFi Identity Enterprise
For UniFi Identity Enterprise, the workspace owner, super admins, and site admins can activate the emergency mode either through the UniFi Access application or by following the steps below:
Note: Activating an elevator’s emergency mode requires Identity Enterprise Agent 1.55.14 or later.
  • Go to Identity Enterprise Manager > Services > Door Access > Emergency Mode.
  • Go to Identity Enterprise mobile app > Manage > Doors. Requires Identity Enterprise mobile app 0.69.2 or later.
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