UniFi Access - Door Unlock Recordings

Manage Door Unlock Recordings

Note: Enabling door unlock recordings requires a hard disk (HDD) installed in your console.

  1. Go to your Access application > Settings > System > Recordings.
  2. Door Unlock Recordings: Select to record a video with or without audio every time a door is unlocked, or disable video recording.
  3. Duration: Specify the record duration (5 to 10 seconds) per video if you have selected "Video and Audio" or "Only Video".
  4. Recording Retention:
    • Auto: Automatically delete some recordings when disk storage is insufficient.
    • Manual: Establish a custom time limit for retaining recordings. Footage surpassing this limit will be automatically deleted. Please note that certain areas require this by law.

Sync Door Unlock Recordings from UniFi Access to UniFi Identity Enterprise

If UniFi Identity Enterprise is activated, you can specify whether to sync your door unlock recordings to Identity Enterprise. When synced, your door unlock recordings will be stored in your console and the cloud-based Identity Enterprise.

The cloud-stored door unlock recordings are subject to the following retention periods:

  • Basic Plan: 30 days
  • Standard Plan: 90 days
  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager (https://[your workspace domain].ui.com/cloud).
  2. Go to Services > Door Access > Advanced.
  3. Enable "Sync door unlock recordings from UniFi Access".
  4. Click Save.

View Door Unlock Recordings

  1. Go to your OS Settings > Applications > Access > System Log > Door Openings.
  2. Click the Play icon to view door unlock recordings.
  3. For Identity Enterprise admins, if "Sync door unlock recordings from UniFi Access" is enabled, you can also view them by searching for the Door Access topic in Identity Enterprise Manager > System Log > User Activity.
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