UniFi Access - Adopt and Manage Devices and Locations

Adopt New Devices

After wiring your devices, follow the steps below to adopt them in the UniFi Access application.

  1. Open the Access application and click DEVICES.
  2. Click Location Hubs or Readers according to the device type.
  3. If your devices are wired correctly and powered on, you should see them on the page. Click Click to Adopt and wait for several seconds, the device will be automatically adopted.
  4. Once a hub is adopted:
    • Its connected readers will be adopted.
    • UA Hub and readers will display a blue LED indicator.
    • Users with the following roles will automatically become the door's door attendants.
      • UniFi OS owner.
      • Super admin.
      • Admins with full management permission of Access application.

Update Devices

  1. Open the Access application and click DEVICES.
  2. Click Locations Hubs or Readers according to the device you want to update.
  3. In the Status column, click Click to Update if there is a new version available.

Manage Door Group

Door Group enables you to group doors and apply access policies to door groups.

  1. Open the Access application and click DEVICES.
  2. Perform the following actions according to your task:
Tasks Actions
Create a door group 1. Click the Create Group icon.
2. Specify the door group name.
3. Search and select locations (doors).
4. Click Create.
Delete doors from a door group 1. Click a door.
2. In the Location field of the prompted panel, click the Trash icon.
3. Click Apply Changes.
Delete a door group 1. Click a door.
2. Click Delete Group > Delete in the prompted panel.

Reset UA Hub

There are two options for resetting the UA Hub:

  1. The UA Hub can be reset with a pin by pressing and holding the Reset button, located on the device's front panel, for several seconds until the status light begins to flash. The UA Hub will revert to factory settings, but will still be managed by your UniFi Access application.
  2. Removing a UA Hub from the UniFi Access application will reset it as well (requires UA Hub v4.1.2.12 or later).
    1. Open the Access application and click DEVICES.
    2. Click Location Hubs and select a hub. A panel will be prompted.
    3. Go to Settings and expand the Manage session.
    4. Click Remove > Remove Device.
    5. Click Apply Changes.
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