UniFi Access - Set Up and Update UniFi Access Application

The UniFi Access application enables you to:

  • Centrally manage your Access devices with one intuitive interface.
  • Set door, floor, and user-specific access policies and schedules.
  • Create users, set their roles, and assign credentials.
  • Review entries, exits, and denials with detailed event logging.
  • Set up devices quickly and manage them on the go with a powerful mobile app.

Setup Requirements

Before setting up UniFi Access, ensure the following:

  1. You are the console's owner, super admin, or the admin who has the full management permission of UniFi OS.
  2. You have installed and set up your UniFi Access devices.
  3. All devices are wired correctly and powered on.
  4. Each reader’s LED light is white and the UA G2 Pro’s screen shows “Ready to Adopt”.

Install the UniFi Access Application

The UniFi Access application may be pre-installed on some UniFi Consoles. If your console has installed the application, skip this step.

  1. Go to your OS Settings > Applications.
  2. Click the Install link under the Access application. 

Set Up the UniFi Access Application

  1. Click the Update link under the Access application if there is a new version ready to download.
  2. Click the Setup link under the Access application.
  3. Tick the checkbox I've read and agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and End User License Agreement“ and click Start.
  4. Adopt UniFi Access devices:
    1. Select the devices you want to adopt.
    2. Specify the door name and direction.
    3. Click the Locate link in the device's respective tab to locate it using a sound signal.
    4. Click Next.
Note: If the page indicates "No Device Found":
    1. Ensure that you have met the setup requirements above.
    2. Click Manage Network to ensure your UA devices are connected to the same network as your Access application.
    3. Click Retry.
    4. If neither of the above works, manually reset your UA devices by pressing and holding the RESET hole with a pin for several seconds until the LED light is white.
  1. Register your access cards:
    1. Select the reader you'd like to use to register.
    2. Hold your card against the reader for five seconds.
    3. Click Next.
  2. Configure unlock recordings. See this article for details.
  3. Click Done to finish.

Update the UniFi Access Application

  1. Go to your OS Settings > Applications.
  2. If there is a new version ready to download, there will be an Update link under the Access application, click it.
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