UniFi Access - Getting Started

UniFi Access is a resilient door access control system hosted on UniFi Consoles for commercial, multi-dwelling-unit residential, and enterprise use. Compatible with UniFi Access web and mobile apps (iOS and Android), it simplifies the remote management of users, visitors, door attendants, leave-unlocked schedules, and access policies.

It stores all data locally and alleviates the risks of data leakage. This ensures that sensitive information remains within the controlled environment of the organization, providing enhanced data security and compliance with privacy regulations.

Access Control Hub

UniFi Access offers the following types of Access Control Hubs to fulfill different use scenarios. Here is a list for quick reference.

  • Access Hub (UA-Hub) and Door Hub (UA-Hub-Door): Full function for single-door access control.
  • Enterprise Access Hub (EAH-8): Full function for up to 8 doors access control.
  • Elevator Hub (UA-Hub-Elevator):  Support for up to 18 floors and digital inputs for car status and emergency.

Access Readers

UniFi Access Readers must be directly connected to Access Control Hubs to facilitate door unlocking. This direct connection serves security and resilience purposes. 

  • G2 Reader Pro (UA-G2-Pro): Powerful reader with a sleek design. Support two-way audio calls and camera doorbells.
  • G2 Reader (UA-G2) and Reader Lite (UA-Reader-Lite): A request-to-exit reader with a built-in speaker for audio. 

UniFi Intercom and UniFi Intercom Viewer

  • Compatible with UniFi Access application (web-based, iOS, and Android).
  • Support directory for visitors to contact the right tenant easily.
  • Support two-way calling and real-time video.
  • Support unlocking doors with NFC cards, PIN codes, UniFi Identity mobile app, and QR code (for visitors).

UniFi Access G2 Reader Pro and Intercom Are ADA-Compliant

The built-in cameras of the G2 Reader Pro (UA-G2-Pro) and Intercom (UA-Intercom) are designed to ensure compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. When mounted at a height of 48 inches (122 cm) from the floor, these cameras have the capability to capture facial images covering a wide range of heights, from individuals up to 5 feet and 10.87 inches (180 cm) tall to those in wheelchairs. This ensures that the reader and intercom systems are accessible and inclusive, meeting the ADA standards.


Upgrade to UniFi Identity Enterprise for Advanced Features

You can upgrade to the subscription-based and cloud-based UniFi Identity Enterprise for multi-site support and other advanced features.

Content UniFi Access with UniFi Identity UniFi Access with UniFi Identity Enterprise
Fee Free See Plan Options for details
Plan limitations No limitations The supported number of sites and users differ according to the plans
Site management Single site management  Multiple site management
Retention period of activity logs Based on the HDD storage capacity
  • Identity Enterprise Basic Plan: 30 days
  • Identity Enterprise Standard Plan: 90 days
Retention period of video captures Based on the HDD storage capacity
  • Identity Enterprise Basic Plan: 30 days
  • Identity Enterprise Standard Plan: 90 days
Retention period of guest information Based on the HDD storage capacity
  • Identity Enterprise Basic Plan: 5 guests
  • Identity Enterprise Standard Plan: 100 guests
Mobile access Supported in UniFi Identity Supported
PIN code Supported Supported
NFC card Supported Supported
Notifications for unauthorized/prolonged door openings Not supported Supported
UniFi Talk integration Supported Supported
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