UniFi Identity Enterprise - Manage Organization Chart

Org chart is a diagram that displays the reporting relationships and the hierarchy of an organization. It offers the following benefits:

  • Show work responsibilities and reporting relationships.
  • Help organization leaders to manage their organizations effectively.
  • Auto-generate the org chart based on the managers assigned to users.
  • Support several org chart editing methods.
  • Support exporting certain sections of the org chart into a .png file.

View the Org Chart

  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager (https://[your workspace domain].ui.com/cloud).

  2. Go to Organization > Organization Chart.
    • Click on a user's avatar to view their direct reports.
    • Hover your mouse over a user's avatar to view their information including tenure, role, email, work location, and local time.

Change the Org Chart Size

Use the zoom options at the upper-right corner to expand or shrink the org chart size.

  • Click the ^ Collapse icon to collapse the org chart.
  • Click the  Zoom to Fit, Zoom to Selection, or Magnifier icons to zoom the chart in or out.

Edit the Org Chart

Follow any of the methods below to structure your org chart.

Method 1

  1. Hover your mouse over the avatar of the user you want to edit.
  2. Click the ellipse icon.
  3. Click the following options according to your needs.
Options Description
View Profile

A user information panel will be shown, and the following tasks can be performed:

  • Manage the user's lifecycle
  • View the user's basic information
  • Edit the user's profile
  • Assign resources to the user
  • View the user's attendance report
  • View the user's activities
Add Direct Report
  1. Click Add Direct Report.
  2. Search and select the direct reports you want to add. Multiple selections are supported.
  3. Click Add.
Change Top-Level Manager
  1. Click Change Top-Level Manager.
  2. Select a top-level manager you want to change to.
  3. Click Change.
Note: Only one top-level manager can be set.
Change Manager
  1. Click Change Manager.
  2. Search and select the manager you want to add. Only one manager can be added.
  3. Click Submit.
Remove Remove the user and their direct reports from the org chart.

Method 2

Drag and drop a user to another user's avatar to change the org chart structure. Once done, the user and their direct reports become the direct reports of the other user.

Method 3

Once a user's manager is changed in the user profile, the org chart will also be updated.

Export the Org Chart

You can export certain sections of the org chart into a .png file.

  1. Click a user in the org chart section you want to export. The direct reports of the user will be shown.
  2. Click the Download icon on the toolbar at the upper-right corner. The user and their managers and direct reports will be exported.
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