UniFi Network - Loop Protection

Loop Protection prevent loops which would otherwise disrupt network connectivity. 

How does Loop Protection compare to STP?

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) works together with other switches on the network in order to dynamically block and unblock ports. Loop Protection works separately from STP and provides the following functionality:

  • Works even when neighboring devices do not support STP.
  • Permanently block ports when a loop is detected.
  • Permanently blocked ports can be manually re-enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Loop Protection and STP interoperate?
If a UniFi Switch is running both STP and Loop Protection and a loop is detected, STP will trigger first.
2. In what cases should I use Loop Protection?
We recommend to always enable Loop Protection to help prevent loops in the network.
3. Should I enable Loop Protection on all or individual ports?
Loop Protection needs to be enabled on all switch ports in order to block the loop. 
4. What are common causes for network loops and how can I prevent them?
Network loops occur when there is more than one way for data to flow between devices. The most common occurrences are due to wireless meshing and connecting multiple Ethernet cables between the same devices.

If a loop is present, we recommend to check how the devices in your network are interconnected (both wired and wirelessly). 
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