UniFi Identity Enterprise - One-Click WiFi

One-Click WiFi provides 802.1X authentication for users to connect to WiFi. With the leading WiFi 6 technology, you can enjoy a fast and secure wireless connection provided by UniFi Identity Enterprise.

With the combination of WiFi activity reports and WiFi Experience Score (WES), your IT admins can quickly identify issues and troubleshoot them at the earliest time.


One-Click WiFi is automatically enabled once the requirements are met.

  • Your UniFi Consoles support One-Click WiFi.
  • You have activated UniFi Identity Enterprise or have added your consoles to UniFi Identity Enterprise.


  • Only users with the Owner, Super Admin, IT Admin, Site Admin, and Site IT Admin roles have permission to modify the One-Click WiFi settings.
  • Note that IT Admin, Site Admin, and Site IT Admin are only available by default in workspaces created before February, 2023.
  • UniFi Identity Enterprise currently does not support IPv6 networks.
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