UISP Fiber - Migrating from GPON to XGS-PON

Existing UISP Fiber GPON setups utilizing either the 8-port or 4-port OLT can be upgraded to the UISP Fiber OLT XGS with minimal changes. The XGS OLT supports the below GPON ONUs which are connected via the GPON optical transceivers (UF-GP-B+ and UF-GP-C+).

  • UF-WiFi
  • UF-WiFi6
  • UF-Nano
  • UF-Loco
  • UF-Instant

Using a WDM Filter?

The first step is to determine in which manner the GPON and XG/XGS ONUs will be connected to the XGS OLT:

  • Single fiber cable for both GPON and XG/XGS ONUs with WDM filter.
  • Multiple individual fiber cables to GPON and XG/XGS ONUs without WDM filter.

The physical setup is explained further in the Coexistence of XGS-PON and GPON article.

Migrating the ONUs

Migrating the ONUs from the GPON OLTs to the XGS OLT is done via the Local Web Interface.

1. In the ONU list tab on the GPON OLT, select all or multiple ONUs that need to be migrated.

2. The Configure option will appear. Select Configure and Export ONUs configuration.

3. In the ONU list tab on the XGS OLT, select Import ONUs configuration and upload the file.

4. Move the ONUs and GPON optical transceivers to the XGS OLT. 

5. If the GPON OLT is connected to the UISP Application, remove the offline ONUs after the migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use GPON and XG/XGS optical transceivers on the same XGS OLT?
Yes. The PON ports support XG/XGS and GPON transceivers and it is possible to combine them.
2. Can XG/XGS ONUs be connected to a GPON optical transceiver?
No, this is not possible.
3. Can GPON ONUs be connected to the XG/XGS optical transceiver?
No, this is not possible.
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