UniFi Connect - Video Content Best Practices

With UniFi Connect, it’s easy to upload your own video to build a customized experience on your Connect Display, Cast or EV Station. But all screens have their limitations, from your laptop to your local movie theater. Playing files meant for larger displays, for example, could impact performance. We discuss the optimal encoding settings below.

Recommended Encoding Settings

To make sure you’re getting the best experience, be sure to use our recommended encoding settings when exporting video files that you intend to use with UniFi Connect:


Full HD, High Frame Rate

4K, Standard Frame Rate

Compatible Connect Devices

Container MP4 MP4
Audio codec AAC-LC AAC-LC
Video codec H.264 H.264
Frame rate 50, 60 24, 25, 30
Bitrate 15 Mbps 40 Mbps


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