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UniFi Video is an obsolete product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi Protect - Get started with the G3 Instant camera

The G3 Instant (G3-INS-US) is a WiFi-connected, HD (1080p) camera with infrared vision and two-way audio capability. Its Ethernet-free installation process allows you to quickly set up the camera anywhere with WiFi and a power outlet.

This article outlines the G3 Instant's installation and power requirements, its adoption and configuration processes, and answers frequently asked questions about the device.

Setup and power requirements

To use your G3 Instant, you will need:


Install and adopt the G3 Instant camera

Follow the G3 Instant's Quick Start Guide for step-by-step installation instructions.

To manage your newly installed G3 Instant, you must adopt it to your UniFi Protect application. 

To adopt your G3 Instant:

  1. Download the UniFi Protect mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device so the app can discover the camera.
    1. If the camera doesn't appear, ensure that both the G3 Instant and Bluetooth are on. The camera should also be within 1.5 meters (4 feet) of your mobile device.
  3. Connect to your desired WiFi network.
    1. If the WiFi network doesn't appear, make sure your access point is turned on and within close proximity to the camera. When ready, try to connect again.
  4. Name your camera.

For more information about managing and configuring Protect devices, see UniFi Protect - Manage devices.

Frequently asked questions

Will the G3 Instant work as a standalone device?

No, the G3 Instant must be adopted by the UniFi Protect application, which only runs on the:


What PoE-to-USB adapter is compatible with the G3 Instant?

We recommend using the UniFi Instant 802.3AF-to-USB adapter.


How do I check and improve the G3 Instant's WiFi connection strength?

After adoption, open the Devices section of your Protect web application ( If the camera's connection strength is Poor, the camera sporadically goes on and offline, or its live stream stutters excessively, you may need to place it closer to your access point.


What should I do in case I change my WiFi username and password?

If the username and password are changed for the WiFi that the G3 Instant camera uses, the G3 Instant will need to be reset to factory defaults and re-adopted to the UniFi Protect application.

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