UniFi Video is an Obsolete product line.

For more information, please see Ubiquiti's Vintage and Obsolete Products.

UniFi Protect - Manage devices

Manage cameras and other devices

You can manage camera settings by selecting individual cameras from the Devices page, or using the UniFi Protect mobile app.

When configuring cameras via web UI, navigate to the Devices page to reveal the following configuration sections:

  • About: See general camera information, such as its name, frame rate, and firmware version.
  • General: Make basic camera setting adjustments.
  • Recording: Control when and what your camera records.
  • Zones: Create and adjust motion, privacy, and Smart Detection zones.
  • Manage: Adjust camera resolution and microphone settings."Enable or disable..."


Configure general camera settings

Adjust camera picture allows you to make changes to the picture itself, such as brightness.

Overlay information lets you add or remove certain information that is superimposed over the camera feed.


Configure camera recording settings

The Recording section lets you adjust:

  • When footage is recorded (e.g., Always, never, motion events only, etc.).
  • Frame rate and image quality.
  • Motion event settings.
  • Smart Detection configurations (G4 series cameras only).

For more information on footage recording, see UniFi Protect - View camera streams and manage recordings.


Adjust motion and privacy zones

The Zones section allows you to adjust the following kinds of zones:

  • Motion Zones
  • Privacy Zones
  • Smart Detection Zones (G4 series cameras only) 

For more information, see UniFi Protect - Manage motion detection and privacy zones.


Manage the device

The Manage section lets you reboot and/or unmanage the camera, enable RTSP with different resolution, and disable the microphone.

Note that disabling the microphone is permanent. To enable the microphone again, you'll need to factory reset the camera.


Adjust camera settings on the UniFi Protect mobile app

  1. Tap on the desired camera on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the settings in the upper-right corner of your screen.

You can adjust almost all settings mentioned above on the mobile app.

Smart Detection Zones cannot be created and adjusted on the mobile app. Use the Web UI to adjust these settings.


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