UniFi Video is an obsolete product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi - How to Migrate the UniFi Cloud to the UniFi Dream Machine Pro

The UniFi Network Cloud application service will be shut down after March 1, 2021.

How this affects your UniFi setup:

  • If you're using the UniFi Network Cloud application, your network's connectivity will not be affected.
  • However, you will lose the ability to configure your UniFi products, monitor their status, add new devices, and export your configuration.
  • After the shutdown, technical support will no longer be provided for UniFi Network Cloud application setups that haven't been migrated to a UniFi host device.

To continue managing your network after March 1, 2021, we highly recommend migrating your application configuration to a UniFi Dream Machine (UDM), a UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro), or a UniFi Cloud Key (UC-CK or UCK-G2-PLUS).

This article describes how to migrate your UniFi Network Cloud application to a UniFi Dream Machine Pro.

Note: Since UniFi Cloud cannot generate a full application backup, only a single site can be exported.

How the migration affects your UniFi setup

A typical UniFi Network setup with a UniFi Network Cloud application consists of a UniFi Security Gateway (USG), UniFi Switch (USW), and one or multiple UniFi access points.


This is how that setup would change when the UniFi Network Cloud application is migrated to a UniFi Dream Machine Pro. The UDM-Pro replaces the UniFi Security Gateway and hosts the UniFi Network application.


How to migrate your UniFi Network Cloud Application to a UniFi Dream Machine Pro

Note: Make sure your UDM-Pro is set up and configured before the migration process! For more information, see UniFi - Set up a UniFi Dream Machine Pro.

Migrate your UniFi Network Cloud application setup to a UDM-Pro:

1. Log in to your UniFi Network Cloud application in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

2. Open the Devices page, and ensure that all devices you'd like to migrate have a Connected status.


3. Open the UniFi Network settings menu, click the Site tab, and click the Export Site button at the bottom of the page.

4. Click the Download backup file button to save the backup file to your computer.

Note: You will need the backup file later when restoring the site on your UDM-Pro.


5. Connect all the devices you want to migrate to the UDM-Pro's switch ports, except for the USG, which will not be needed for the setup process.

Note: Devices newly connected to the UDM-Pro may display a Disconnected status on the Devices page. This is a normal occurrence that will not disrupt your migration.


6. On your UniFi Network Cloud application, select the devices you'd like to migrate in the Migrate devices window.

7. Enter your UDM-Pro's IP address in the Inform URL field.

8. Click the Migrate devices button to initiate the process.


Once the process is complete, all migrated UniFi devices will display a Connected status on the Devices page.


The migrated devices will be forgotten automatically from the UniFi Network Cloud application that originally hosted them.

If a device is not automatically forgotten, you manually remove it by clicking on its Devices page listing and clicking the Forget button in its Properties panel.


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