Ubiquiti's Vintage and Legacy Products

Ubiquiti is committed to delivering world-class innovation and high-quality support to our customers, which means from time-to-time technologically legacy products will no longer be supported. We have created this page to help customers better manage this transition.

All Ubiquiti products sold will continue to receive warranty service for the duration of their warranty terms or as required by law. For more information, please visit rma.ui.com.

  • Vintage Products - No longer manufactured or supported with active development but may still be available for purchase. They will receive continuation support, including critical bug fixes and security updates. They will continue to be adoptable by management applications and are supported by official Ubiquiti customer support.
  • Legacy Products - Have stopped receiving functional or security updates and are no longer officially distributed (but may still be available for purchase by some third-party vendors). They may not be supported in full or at all by future releases.

Vintage and Legacy UniFi Products

Below you will find a list of our Vintage and Legacy UniFi products, as well as link to product-specific announcement posts (if applicable). Each SKU listed includes all regional variants of that SKU.

Model / SKU Status Suggested Upgrade Path
UAP-AC Legacy Visit our UniFi WiFi page.
UAP-AC-Outdoor Legacy
UAP-Outdoor-5 Legacy
UAP-Outdoor Legacy
UAP-Outdoor+ Legacy
UAP-Pro Legacy
UAP-IW Legacy
UAP (v1+v2) Legacy
UAP-LR (v1+v2) Legacy
US-L2-24-POE Vintage Visit our UniFi Switching page.
US-L2-48-POE Vintage
UVC Legacy Visit our UniFi Camera Security page.
UVC-Dome Legacy
UVC-Micro Legacy
UVC-NVR Legacy
UVC-Pro Legacy
UC-CK Legacy Visit our UniFi Consoles or Cloud Keys & Gateways page.
UVC-NVR-2TB Legacy
UniFi Application Server (all models) Legacy
USG Legacy
USG-Pro Legacy
USG-XG-8 Legacy
UVP Legacy Visit our UniFi Phone System page to help determine which UniFi Talk Phone is right for you.
UVP-Pro Legacy
UVP-Executive Legacy
UVP-Flex Legacy

Other Vintage and Legacy Products

Below you will find a list of our other Vintage and Legacy products, as well as link to product-specific announcement posts (if applicable). Each SKU listed includes all regional variants of that SKU.

Model / SKU Status Category
AF-5X Vintage airFiber
900MHz models (all models) Vintage airMAX
airGrid (all models) Vintage airMAX
BM2-Ti Vintage airMAX
BM5-Ti Vintage airMAX
BulletM5-HP Vintage airMAX
LBE-5AC-16-120 Vintage airMAX
LBE-5AC-23 Vintage airMAX
NB-2G18 Vintage airMAX
NB-5G22 Vintage airMAX
NB-5G25 Vintage airMAX
NBE-2AC-13-GEN2-US Vintage airMAX
NBE-5AC-16 Vintage airMAX
NBE-5AC-19 Vintage airMAX
NBE-M2-13 Vintage airMAX
NBE-M5AC-500 Vintage airMAX
NS-5ACL Vintage airMAX
NS-5ACL-5 Vintage airMAX
NSM3 Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-300 Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-300-FEED Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-300-ISO Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-400 Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-400-FEED Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-500-ISO Vintage airMAX
PBE-5AC-500-ISO-FEED Vintage airMAX
PBE-M5-620 Vintage airMAX
PBE-M5-620-FEED Vintage airMAX
PBM10 Vintage airMAX
PBM3 Vintage airMAX
PBM365 Vintage airMAX
PBM5 Vintage airMAX
PicoM2-H Vintage airMAX
PS-5AC-45 Vintage airMAX
R2AC Vintage airMAX
R5AC-PRISM Vintage airMAX
R5AC-PTMP Vintage airMAX
R5AC-PTP Vintage airMAX
R5AC-PTP-Lite Vintage airMAX
RM2-Ti Vintage airMAX
RM5-AC-PTP-Lite Vintage airMAX
RM5-GPS Vintage airMAX
RM5-Ti Vintage airMAX
U-Installer Legacy airMAX
WSM5 Legacy airMAX
Bullet2 Legacy airMAX
CRM-P Legacy airMAX
Loco2 Legacy airMAX
Loco5 Legacy airMAX
NS2 Legacy airMAX
NS5 Legacy airMAX
Pico2 Legacy airMAX
Pico2-H Legacy airMAX
airWire Legacy airMAX
airRouter Vintage airRouter
airRouter-HP Vintage airRouter
AG-PRO-INS Legacy airGateway
airGateway Legacy airGateway
airGateway-LR Legacy airGateway
AMG-PRO Legacy airGateway
airVision (all models, including airCam) Legacy airVision
mFi (all models, including mPower) Legacy mFi
sunMAX (all models except SM-SP-40 and SM-SW-40) Legacy sunMAX
AFi-LR Vintage AmpliFi
AFi-T Vintage AmpliFi
ER-8 Vintage EdgeMAX
ERPOE-5 Vintage EdgeMAX
ERPro-8 Vintage EdgeMAX
ERLite-3 Vintage EdgeMAX
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