UISP Fiber - Experience

Each ONU connected to the OLT is assigned its own experience value which is shown on the ONU List tab and inside the UISP Application. The experience ranges from 0 to 100% and indicates the quality of the fiber connection. The longer the ONU is connected to the OLT with a high quality fiber connection, the higher the experience percentage will be.

What can I do if the Experience is low?

As experience is related to the quality of the fiber connection, a low experience is a direct result of an issue with the fiber cabling or connectors. These include:

  • ONU signal is outside the acceptable -8 dBm to -28 dBm range.
  • Fiber cable is damaged.
  • One or more splitters is damaged.
  • One or more splices is bad or contaminated.
  • Fiber cable connector or the ONU port is contaminated due to dust or other debris.


Examples of places where fiber cables or connectors can be affected leading to loss of signal and other issues.

To resolve these issues and bring the experience to or close to 100%, we recommend to:

  • Verify if the ONU signal level corresponds to the calculation and is in the acceptable range.
  • Check the integrity of the cables and splices.
  • Clean the ONU port and other connectors.
  • Check if the ONU power supply is in working order.
  • If powered via PoE, check if the upstream switch or adapter is in working order.
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