UniFi Device IP and IK Ratings

UniFi devices, especially Protect cameras, are assigned IP ratings and IK ratings to indicate their protection against the outdoor elements, vandalism, and impact.

IP Rating

The IP rating is a standardized two-digit system that indicates a product's level of protection against the entry of solids (first number) and liquids (second number), such as dust and rain. See the table below to learn how to interpret IP Ratings:

Value Solid Protection Liquid Protection
X Not tested Not tested
0 Not protected Not protected
1 Large surface of the body Dripping water
2 Fingers or similar Dripping water when tilted up to 15º
3 Tools, thick wires, etc. Spraying water
4 Most wires, slender screws, large ants etc. Splashing water
5 Dust protected Water jets
6 Dust-tight Heavy seas
7 - Temporary immersion
8 - Continuous immersion

Waterproofing and Outdoor Use

UniFi Protect cameras boast a variety of IP ratings, which can be found on their UI Store page and product datasheets. For outdoor installations, we recommend choosing a camera with an IPX4 rating or higher, which can withstand rain and splashes.

Mounting Considerations

Even if a device meets the minimum IPX4 rating, it is important to have appropriate mounting considerations:

  • Outdoor APs such as the U6 Mesh and AC Mesh should not be mounted upside-down. This may result in water penetrating the RJ45 port and resting for long periods of time, ultimately causing damage.
  • Dome cameras should be placed under an overhang to prevent lens water buildup from blurring video recordings.

UniFi makes this easy be clearly listing mounting consideration on the product's store page and Quick Installation Guide. 

IK Rating

The IK rating is another standardized system that measures a product's resistance to impact and vandalism.

UniFi Protect Dome and PTZ cameras are popular options for anti-tampering and anti-vandalism in high-traffic public areas due to their IK rating. Exact values can be found on a product's UI Store page and datasheets.

The table below illustrates the IK rating numbering scheme for impact protection.

Value Protection
X Not tested
00 Not protected
01 0.25 kg mass dropped from 56 mm
02 0.25 kg mass dropped from 80 mm
03 0.25 kg mass dropped from 140 mm
04 0.25 kg mass dropped from 200 mm
05 0.25 kg mass dropped from 280 mm
06 0.25 kg mass dropped from 400 mm
07 0.5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm
08 1.7 kg mass dropped from 300 mm
09 5 kg mass dropped from 200 mm
10 5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm




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