UniFi - Site Manager Connection Speed

When UniFi Consoles that support UniFi OS such as Dream products, Cloud Key G2+, and Network Video Recorders are remotely managed from the UniFi Site Manager at unifi.ui.com, the speed of the connection will be indicated.

Connection Speed

The speed is determined by the connection between the client device you are using to manage the UniFi Console remotely, and the UniFi Site Manager. If it is Direct, then your client device has a high-speed remote connection. If it is Slow, then there is loss of performance which can be caused by several factors. Slow connections have the following effect:

  • Lower streaming performance when using UniFi Protect.
  • Reduced download speed of UniFi OS backup and support files.

Note: The UniFi Site Manager connection speed is not related to the performance of client devices connecting to the internet through the UniFi gateway.

Causes of a Slow Connection

If the connection is slow, then this can have several causes. The most common causes and solutions are listed below:

  • VPN - The client device is using a VPN to connect to the internet (and UniFi Site Manager). If this is the case, try turning off the VPN.
  • NAT - The UniFi gateway is behind another router (ISP modem) that is translating the traffic using NAT. This also applies to ISPs that are providing IP addresses using CGNAT. We recommend connecting the gateway directly to the internet and using a public IP address.
  • Firewall - There are custom firewall rules configured that block management traffic from the client device. Check that the management traffic from the client device is not restricted by firewall rules and try using the default firewall rules. 
  • DNS - There is a third-party DNS server (e.g. Pihole) that is blocking traffic to the ui.com domains. Check that the UI domains are not being blocked and try using the default (Auto) DNS options.
  • Network Performance - The internet speed of the network where the client device is located affects the connection. If the client device is located in a different (remote) network, try connecting from within the same network as the UniFi Console.

Note: The connection speed may be outside of yours and our control if it is limited upstream by your ISP. If you are encountering the slow speed behind certain internet connections and not others, then we recommend to contact your ISP to determine if any traffic is blocked or limited.

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