UniFi Gateway - Multicast DNS

Multicast DNS is a UniFi Gateway feature that allows multicast traffic to transmit across different networks.


How does it work?

Multicast DNS is active on the UniFi Gateway and forwards multicast traffic from devices between different networks (VLANs). Enable this feature when features like AirPlay, AirPrint, or Chromecast across different networks/VLANs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the default settings for Multicast DNS?

Multicast DNS is automatically enabled on newly created networks but the feature can be disabled on individual or all networks. 

2. Is there a limit to the amount of Multicast DNS networks?

Yes, each UniFi Gateway model has a limit on the amount of networks that Multicast DNS can be enabled on. Adding more networks to the UniFi Gateway with Multicast DNS enabled will also increase the amount of traffic forwarded between the networks. In case of reduced performance, enable Multicast DNS on only the networks that require it. 
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