UniFi Gateway - Smart Queues

Smart Queues is a feature designed to prevent buffer bloat for those with low-bandwidth internet connections (<300 Mbps). 


How does it work?

After enabling Smart Queues and specifying the Upload and Download values, the speed of client devices connecting to the Internet will be limited to the configured amounts. This feature is particularly useful for UniFi gateways that are behind a low-bandwidth ISP connection and prevents certain clients from using up all the available bandwidth.

Note: We do not recommend enabling Smart Queues for ISP connections that provide 300 Mbps or higher speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I enable Smart Queues?

Smart Queues can be enabled if you have a low bandwidth ISP connection and are experiencing slowness on certain client devices.

2. I want to limit the traffic only on specific clients. Can I use Smart Queues?

No. Configure a Traffic Rule with the Speed Limit option instead. 

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