UniFi Gateway - VPN Client

VPN Client is found in the Teleport & VPN section of your Network application that allows you to connect the UniFi gateway to a VPN provider. 


  • A Next-Gen UniFi gateway or UniFi OS Console with an integrated Next-Gen gateway.

How does it work?

After uploading the OpenVPN Configuration File obtained from your provider and specifying the Username and Password, add a Traffic Route to send Specific or All Traffic over the VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which protocol is used for the VPN Client?

VPN Client uses OpenVPN.

2. How can I send traffic over the VPN Client tunnel?

This is done by adding a Traffic Route that matches either all or specific traffic.

3. Which VPN providers are supported?

Any provider that supports OpenVPN.

4. How do I obtain the VPN Client configuration file?

You can obtain this file from your VPN provider.

5. My VPN provider does not have a configuration file. What should I do?

Your VPN provider should be able to provide you with the individual configuration lines. See the OpenVPN documentation page for more information on how to make your own file.

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