UniFi Gateway - Traffic and Device Identification

Traffic and Device Identification are features found in the Application Firewall section of your UniFi Network Application that analyze the type of devices and traffic present on the network. These features may also be referred to as Deep Packet Inspection or DPI.


Available Options

The Traffic and Device Identification features are enabled on all networks and provide the following:

  • Device Identification - Identifies the type of devices present on the network.
  • Traffic Identification -¬†Identifies the type of traffic passing through the gateway.

How can I use Traffic Identification?

The Security Insights section shows the type of traffic that passes through the gateway over a period of time. 

For example, the Identified Traffic section shows that a large portion of traffic is used by a single app. Traffic Rules can then be optionally created to block or speed limit this app for one or more devices.

How can I use Device Identification?

The Client Devices section shows the type of devices that are present on the network. Device-specific information such as the manufacturer, model and operating system is listed.

Note: Device Identification requires enabling Traffic Identification as well.

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