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UniFi - Throughput Heat Maps with the UniFi iOS App


This article describes the Throughput Heat Maps feature, currently only available on our iOS app. The Throughput Heat Maps are a great asset in the planning, assessing and managing of a network deployment. Use immediate, real data to make your adjustments.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:To edit heat maps via the UniFi iOS app, you must first add a map in the webUI.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to Use the Throughput Heat Maps in the UniFi iOS App
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The Maps feature is extremely helpful in perfecting a network deployment. The new addition of the Throughput Heat Map provides a graphic representation of the real life speeds you're working with, measuring the speed as it goes from your mobile to the Controller to the Access Point (AP). When your speeds aren't what they should be, and the walls or other environmental elements within the building seem to be interfering, use this feature to gather real data and adjust your deployment accordingly. Before you begin, you must first have a building floor map uploaded in the Maps section. Then you can walk around the building with your iOS device in hand, logging the speeds into the Map, to eventually display a heat map of your current throughput speeds (red for the fastest speeds, yellow for those a bit slower, and so on all the way to green and blue).

The Throughput Heat Maps are currently only available on the iOS App, freely available on the iOS App Store.

Steps: How to Use the Throughput Heat Maps in the UniFi iOS App

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1. Go to More > Maps and tap on the image of the map to select it. Remember you must first add a map in the webUI in order to edit it in the iOS App.


2. Tap on the Overlays link in the bottom, right hand corner.

3. Tap on the “+” button to add a new heat map.

4. Select the speed test measurement type (upload/download).


5. Move to a location where you want to measure throughput speed. This location must be somewhere on the selected map.

6. Tap on Start. This starts a throughput speed test.

7. After several seconds (once the speed stabilizes), tap on a position in the map that reflects your current location. This will log the measured speed at that location. 


8. Tap on Stop.

9. Repeat steps 5 to 8 as needed. The more measurement points, the more accurate the heat map will be.

10. Once you are satisfied with the number of measurements, tap on Save. Name your heat map and add a description.


11. The heat map will now be displayed on the heat map overview screen. Select it to show it over your selected map. 


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