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UISP - Password Recovery


This short guide describes how to retrieve a list of all the UISP login names and how to perform password recovery when needed. This method should be used when email password recovery is not possible.

Password recovery

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To change a user's password, specify the username as a parameter, and enter a new password when asked:

sudo ~unms/app/unms-cli set-password --username <username>

In case of any issues with two-factor authentication this command can be used to completely disable it:

sudo ~unms/app/unms-cli disable-two-factor --username <username>

When it is necessary to set super admin from outside of UISP GUI, this command is available

sudo ~unms/app/unms-cli set-superadmin --username <username>
NOTE: It is possible to use all of the commands above without the --username tag, to display the list of users instead of changing their password or disabling 2FA for them.

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