(ARCHIVED) UCRM v2 - Uninstall Guide

This article has been archived.

This article is applicable to UCRM v2 and will not be updated further. Thenew version of CRM is now part of the UNMS platform, and help articles for that version can be found under the UNMS section. See this article on how to upgrade from UCRM to UNMS.


This guide will help you install and remove UCRM as well as other related software and data.

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How to Uninstall UCRM

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This command will uninstall UCRM docker image and containers. Before you begin, make a copy of the UCRM backup file. You may download it directly from UCRM in System > Tools > Backup.

Run this command as a user with enabled sudo, in the location of docker-compose.yml file (usually found within home/ucrm), to uninstall UCRM. Note that the UCRM data and backup files will not be removed with this command.

cd /home/ucrm
curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/U-CRM/billing/master/uninstall.sh | sudo bash

The command above will not remove the database data nor the app data (such as invoice PDFs). If you want to remove this data too, go to home/ucrm and delete it manually. At this point, the UCRM Docker images are uninstalled. However, all the UCRM data including all backups, database, images, invoices, and similar are still kept in your file system.

IMPORTANT:After you executed the uninstall command, you may want to delete all the remaining data. This step is essential in order to reinstall UCRM again in the future.

Use this command to remove all the UCRM data (including the backup files):

sudo rm -rf /home/ucrm

Additionally, you can also remove the system user who is used for running UCRM with the following:

sudo userdel -r ucrm

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