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UniFi - Mobile Configuration of UAP-AC-EDU Announcements


This article is a brief introduction on the UAP AC EDU, our dual-radio access point with public address system. You can use the UAP-AC-EDU to broadcast announcements with clarity from your mobile device.

The UAP AC EDU is a powerful access point and can serve 250+ connected clients. However, it is not meant for outdoors, nor is it specially made for high-density scenarios. For outdoor use, you might want to see the UAP-AC-Pro from the AC line, both the AC-M and the AC-M Pro from the Mesh line, or the UAP-HD and UAP-SHD from the HD line which can serve more than 500 concurrent clients and are both for Outdoor and Indoor use. 
It is recommended to use the smartphone app on site of the EDU's local network. 
We do not recommend using the smartphone app over an L3 (remote) configuration.  
  • UniFi Network application v4.9.5 and higher
  • UAP-AC-EDU firmware v3.4.18 and higher
  • A compatible Android or iOS device located on the same Layer-2 network as the UniFi Network application and UniFi AP AC-EDU.

 This article was written using:

  • A UAP AC EDU v3.8.6
  • UniFi Network application v5.5.20
  • The iPhone app v1.4.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. How to Create a Broadcast Group
  4. How to Configure the UAP AC EDU
  5. How to Record a Broadcast
  6. How to Schedule a Broadcast
  7. How to Broadcast Live
  8. Settings


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The UAP-AC-EDU is the perfect solution for campus-wide deployments. It integrates powerful Wi-Fi and broadcasting in one same device. Make announcements in real time from your smartphone app to multiple devices, play a pre-recorded announcement or schedule it beforehand. Find the app for free in the App Store for iOS and in Google Play for Android. See the Datasheet and Quick Start Guide for more information.

Getting Started

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The following instructions describe the iOS version of the app; however, the Android version is similar.

1. Download the UniFi EDU app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). 


2. Launch the app.

3. Enter the following information:

  • (IP address): Enter the IP address of the UniFi Network application.
  • (port): Enter the appropriate port number, which is typically 8443.
NOTE: If you do not know the IP address, you can click Find to detect a UniFi Network application and then select it.
  • (username): Enter your username for the UniFi Network application.
  • (password): Enter your password for the UniFi Network application.
  • Remember username and password: Tap this option if you want the app to remember your username and password.

4. Tap Log In.

The UniFi EDU app includes five tabs, each will be described below:

  • Broadcast
  • Schedule
  • Recordings
  • Volume
  • Settings

How to Create a Broadcast Group

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1. To create a Broadcast Group go to the Broadcast screen by tapping on the icon in the bottom toolbar.

2. Tap on the + on the upper right corner.

3. Type in a name for your group and select the devices you wish to add to this group by tapping on them.

4. Hit Save in the upper right corner.

How to Configure the UAP-AC-EDU

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Regular UAP configuration must be done via the UniFi Network application (web) or the UniFi Mobile app. Use the UniFi EDU app to configure broadcasting details such as announcement volume or scheduling.

Configuration tab in the Device > Properties panel in the UniFi Network application.


 Volume section in the UniFi EDU iOS app



How to Record a Broadcast

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You can record your own announcements, to either be played on schedule or to be broadcasted at a moment's notice. To record a broadcast:

1.Select Recordings on the bottom toolbar. Tap on the sign on the upper right corner. 2. Tap the red circle at the bottom of the screen to begin recording. The screen will turn red while it records. Tap the red square to stop the recording. 3. You can tap the play icon to check your recording, and if you're satisfied, tap Save Note: You will not be able to edit the name of the recording later on, so give it a recognizable name now.
IMG_9414.PNG IMG_9415.PNG  IMG_9416.PNG

How to Schedule a Broadcast

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1. Select the Schedule section from the bottom toolbar. Tap on the sign on the upper right corner to add a Scheduled Stream. Select the time the broadcast should play.

2. Edit each of the parameters shown: Repeat, Recording/Sample, and Broadcast Group.

2.1 Repeat - Never, to play once only, Every Day, Every Weekday or Custom.

2.2 Recording/Sample to be played - Select either one of your recordings or a sample (i.e. a bell).  Note: Under Recording/Sample you can also create a new recording by clicking on the  + on the upper right corner.

2.3 Broadcast Group - which group of APs should broadcast this.

3. Once you're satisfied, tap Save in the upper right hand corner.


IMG_9422.PNG IMG_9427.PNG

How to Broadcast Live

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1. Go to the Broadcast section by selecting the icon in the bottom toolbar. Click on the Group you wish to broadcast to.

2. The following screen will show all the Devices in that group. In this example, the group only has one UAP AC EDU named "Main Hall AP". Tap Broadcast in the upper right corner to get started.

3. You will be presented with two options: Speak Now and Use Recording. Select Use Recording and pick from your pre-recorded media. Click Start in the upper right hand corner to begin broadcasting. The broadcast will stop on its own at the end of the recording. Select Speak Now to immediately start broadcasting live. Tap Stop in the upper right corner to stop broadcasting. 

4. With either choice, the green READY label next to the devices will turn into an orange IN USE.


IMG_9412.PNG IMG_9413.PNG


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The current site is displayed on this screen. These are the different changes you can make in the Settings tab:

  • Site: To change a site, tap the current site and then select a different site.
  • Streams: If there is any streaming by the UniFi AC EDU AP, you can access the live streams and terminate as needed.
  • Sound Before: Select a broadcast notification sound to be automatically played before every scheduled broadcast.
  • Sound After: Select a broadcast notification sound to be automatically played after every scheduled broadcast.
  • Log Out: To exit the UniFi app or change its mode, tap Log out.
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