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airFiber - Device Models and Duplex Modes


This article provides a list of airFiber devices where either Full-Duplex (FDD), Half-Duplex (HDD) or both modes are supported. For information on how Duplex modes work, please see airFiber - Understanding Half/Full Duplex.

Duplex Modes

Our airFiber radios can operate in Full-Duplex (FDD) or Half-Duplex (HDD) mode. Full-Duplex offers the highest performance and lower latency (below 1ms) but requires perfect Line of Sight and perfect alignment in most cases. On the other hand, Half-Duplex mode is more tolerant to misalignment and in certain cases can work in nLoS (near Line of Sight) scenarios, especially in lower frequencies, like in 2.4GHz (the AF-2X for example).

IMPORTANT:When the radios are running in Half-Duplex mode, it's recommended to always set the same Wireless Mode (Master or Slave) in all the units located at a specific location. 

Here's a table showing the different Duplex Modes supported for each model:

Device Model

Full-Duplex (FDD)

Half-Duplex (HDD)

AF-2X - Yes
AF-3X - Yes
AF-4X - Yes
AF-5X - Yes
AF-5/AF-5U Yes Yes
AF24 Yes Yes
AF24HD Yes Yes
AF-11 Yes -
AF-5XHD - Yes
AF60 - Yes

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