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UFiber GPON - Supported SFP/SFP+ Modules for UFiber OLTs


This article lists compatible and officially supported SFP/SFP+ modules for the SFP+ and PON ports on the UFiber OLTs.

Applicable to the latest UFiber firmware on the UF-OLT models. Please see the Related Articles below for more information.
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Table of Contents

  1. SFP+ Uplink Ports
  2. GPON SFP Modules

SFP+ Uplink Port Modules

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Using compatible SFP/SFP+ modules on the UFiber OLT.

The following SFP/SFP+ modules and DAC cables are compatible with the UF-OLT and UF-OLT-4:

Fiber SFP modules (1.25 Gbps)

  • UF-MM-1G
  • UF-SM-1G-S

Fiber SFP+ modules (10 Gbps)

  • UF-MM-10G
  • UF-SM-10G
  • UF-SM-10G-S

Copper SFP modules (1 Gbps and 10 Gbps)

  • UF-RJ-45-1G
  • UF-RJ-45-10G

DAC cables (10 Gbps)

  • UDC-1 (1m)
  • UDC-2 (2m)
  • UDC-3 (3m)
NOTE: Some third-party SFP/SFP+ modules or DAC cables may also be compatible with the UFiber OLTs.

More information about UFiber SFP/SFP+ modules and cables can be found on the product page and the datasheet.

GPON SFP Modules

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GPON SFP modules

  • UF-GP-B+
  • UF-GP-C+

More information about the UFiber GPON SFP modules can found on the product page and the datasheet.

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