UISP Fiber - Supported Third-Party OLTs

This article shows which third party OLTs have been tested to be compatible with the UFiber ONUs.


Compatible Third Party OLTs

UFiber ONUs are designed to be used and fully compatible with UF-OLT and UF-OLT-4. The advantage of using the UFiber OLTs is that the ONUs can be easily managed using the Web UI as well as the UISP platform.

Regarding third party OLTs, the UF-Nano and UF-LOCO have been tested and found to be compatible with the following models:

  • Huawei MA5608T (firmware version: MA5600V800R013C10)
  • Huawei MA5683T (firmware version: MA5600V800R015C00 / patch: SPC101)
  • Huawei MA5800-X15
  • Huawei MA5800-X7
  • FiberHome AN5516-04 (firmware version: VR3.2)
  • ZTE ZXA10 (firmware version: GTGOG V1.2.5P3)
NOTE: The FiberHome OLT requires additional options, see the commands below.

To use a UFiber ONU with the FiberHome OLT the following commands must be added to the OLT:

cd gponlinecard
set pon_interconnection_switch slot 1 switch enable union_interconnect_switch enable

In order to use a third party OLT with the UFiber ONUs, the OLT profile on the ONU needs to be changed. The following profiles are used:

  • Profile 2 Huawei
  • Profile 3 FiberHome
  • Profile 4 ZTE

See the sections below for more information on how to change the OLT profile.

Changing OLT Profile on the ONU Using the Web UI

In order to use the UFiber ONUs with a third party OLT, the OLT profile needs to be manually changed on all ONUs.

GUI: Access the UFiber ONU Web UI.

1. Log into the ONU (accessible by default at using the below credentials.

Username: ubnt
Password: ubnt
NOTE: The Web UI is accessible via HTTP, not HTTPS.

2. Navigate to the Settings  settings.png  and select the GPON tab.

3. Select the appropriate OLT profile:

  • Profile 1 UFiber OLT (default)
  • Profile 2 Huawei
  • Profile 3 FiberHome
  • Profile 4 ZTE

4. Save the settings.

Changing OLT Profile on the ONU Using the Power-On Method

ATTENTION: This method is only applicable to the UF-Nano (UFiber Nano G) model.

1. Unplug the UF-Nano from the power source (PoE).

2. Hold the digital display button on the ONU.

3. While holding the digital display button, plug in the power source.

4. Continue holding the button for approximately 35 seconds until dashes (-) appear on the display.

5. Release the button and use it to cycle though the OLT profile options:

  • Profile 1 UFiber OLT (default)
  • Profile 2 Huawei
  • Profile 3 FiberHome
  • Profile 4 ZTE

6. Double press the digital display button to select the profile.

7. The UF-Nano will automatically restart with the newly selected profile.

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