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airMAX - How to Enable DHCP Options


Starting with airOS v6 and v8, DHCP options are now available. This guide will walk you through the few steps required to enable the passing of DHCP Options with airMAX M and AC.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: This article applies to firmwareairOS v6+ and v8+ for both M and AC device models.

Steps: Enabling DHCP on airOS

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  1. Download the current radio config from System > Back Up Configuration.
  2. Open the .cfg backup in a text editor like Notepad++ or Brackets.
  3. Navigate to the DHCP section.
  4. Add these lines:
    • dhcpd.1.option.1.status=enabled
    • dhcpd.1.option.1.id=[option number]
    • dhcpd.1.option.1.value="[ip address]"
  5. dhcpd.1.option.1.status enables or disables DHCP options
  6. dhcpd.1.option.1.id allows you to select what option you choose to use. The configuration supports values from 0-255. Only add the number of the option you wish to use. Do not include the brackets.
  7. dhcpd.1.option.1.value allows you to select the value you wish to provide with the option you are passing. You must use quotation marks around the value, but do not include the brackets.
  8. Save the changes made to the CFG backup in your text editor and upload to the radio.  System > Upload Configuration.
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