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UniFi - Group Configuration and Tags


This article discusses batch—or group, configuration and device tags on UniFi Network. Tags allow network administrators to filter the devices list, while batch configuration allows them to configure entire groups of UniFi devices at once. See the section below to see what settings can be edited with this feature.

Table of Contents

  1. Capabilities of Batch Configuration
  2. Enabling and Using Batch Configuration
  3. How to Upgrade Using Batch Configuration
  4. Using Device Tags to Group Devices

Capabilities of Batch Configuration

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UniFi Access Points

The following UniFi Access Point (UAP) settings can be edited with batch configuration:

  • Radio Channel
  • Radio Channel Width
  • Radio Transmit Power
  • Minimum RSSI
  • WLAN Groups
  • Management VLAN
  • Band Steering
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Disable Device
  • Enable/disable LED
  • Device Tags

UniFi Switches

The following UniFi Switch settings can be edited with batch configuration:

  • Enable/Disable LED
  • Device Tags
  • Management VLAN
  • Jumbo Frame Enable/Disable
  • Flow Control Enable/Disable
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Mode
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Priority
  • 802.1X Enable/Disable

Enabling and Using Batch Configuration

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1. Navigate to the Devices page and select device type on the top bar (the batch configuration feature will not appear if ALL is selected).

2. Click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of the Devices page, and check the box to Select multiple devices. An empty check box will appear next to each device that allows batch configuration in the Devices list.

NOTE: The three dot menu is only available when viewing the Devices section in list mode, but will not be visible when in thumbnail view.

3. Check the boxes of each device to be configured, or use the column header check box to select all.

4. Click the Edit Selected button that will appear when the device check boxes are selected to bring up the Batch Configuration Properties sidebar.

5. Queue the desired configuration changes, then click Apply Changes to push the configuration to the device group.

User Tip:For each section where you click Queue Changes, a tag will appear at the bottom of the Properties panel, next to the Apply Changes button. To cancel changes in specific sections before saving them, click the on each tag to eliminate it.

6. After applying the configuration, the selected devices will show as Provisioning or Connected depending on the extent of changes and number of devices being configured. Once the devices are Connected, all changes should be applied. Check the properties of an individual device within the batch to verify that changes were applied successfully.

How to Upgrade Using Batch Configuration

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You can upgrade a group of your devices using the Batch Configuration. Follow the instructions described above, to enable Batch Configuration and select the devices you wish to upgrade.

1. In the Batch Configuration panel, select Manage Devices.

2. Paste the firmware link corresponding to the device models in the Custom Upgrade section and click CUSTOM UPGRADE. Find firmware for all our devices in our Downloads page. Your devices should begin upgrading.

Using Device Tags to Group Devices

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When managing a number of devices, adding device tags can be very useful. For example, let's say you wanted to have a separate configuration for your access points based on location either upstairs or downstairs. By adding tags, you could filter out certain devices, for example: separate APs by building floors, or even groups for batch upgrades so they are not all upgraded at once.

To assign tags:

1. To add the same tag to a group of devices, follow the steps of the section above to enable selecting several devices, select the desired devices and open the Batch Configuration Properties panel. If adding a tag to an individual device, click on the device to open the Properties panel and select the Configuration tab (gear icon).

2. Go to the General section and use the "Select or search for a tag" field to either search and add an existing tag to the device(s), or to create a new one by typing it out and hitting enter.

To refine view based on a tag: 

Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right of the Devices page and type in the desired tag, or select it from the list to enable the filter and see only the devices that contain that tag.

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