UniFi Hotspot Portal and Guest WiFi

2023-12-04 07:24:55 UTC

Use the UniFi Hotspot Portal to create a professional and custom-branded landing page enabling guests to securely connect to your WiFi.

Enabling a Hotspot Portal

You can convert standard WiFi into a Hotspot Portal by navigating to UniFi Network > Settings > WiFi > Select a WiFi instance > Enable Hotspot Portal

Configuring a Hotspot

Once enabled, use the Hotspot Manager icon on the left sidebar and select the Landing Page tab to customize your portal.


UniFi provides an intuitive way to add custom branding to your landing page. Configurable options include TitleWelcome TextLogin ButtonLogoSuccess Text, and complete Color Schemes.


Easily select one or multiple ways for your guests to connect:

  • Facebook: Guests can authenticate using a Facebook account.
  • Password: Guests must enter a password to connect.
  • Payment: Guests must pay to use the WiFi. This is currently supported by Stripe.
  • Vouchers: Provide guests with vouchers that can be used to authenticate. Customize vouchers to support various expiration times, bandwidth limits, or data consumption quotas.
  • RADIUS (advanced): Preconfigure guest authentication via a RADIUS server.
  • External Portal Server (advanced): Integrate with a third-party portal server.

Security and Isolation

By default, guests connected to your Hotspot Portal will be isolated from all other networks except the one they are assigned to. This can be modified by enabling Pre-Authorization Allowances

Note: Do not create additional allowances for captive portal sites, such as captive.apple.com (iOS), or connectivitycheck.gstatic.com (Android). This will break the redirection process and prevent devices from captive portal authentication.

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