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UniFi - Guest Portal and Hotspot System

This article explains how to create, configure, and manage a guest network, along with the optional guest portal and hotspot system. 

Create and Configure a UniFi Guest Network

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  1. Open UniFi Network and go to Settings > WiFi.
  2. To create a new guest network, select Add New Guest Hotspot.
  3. Provide a name. This is the name users will see on their device's WiFi network list when attempting to connect.
  4. Select the existing network to add the guest hotspot to.
  5. Select the authentication methods you want for guests to access the hotspot.
  6. Choose whether to enable the Guest Portal. Doing so will open additional options in the Portal Design dropdown section.
    Note: In order for the Guest Portal to function the UniFi Network application must be running at all times. Guests are redirected to the application to reach the guest portal, and the redirection will not be successful if the application is not accessible. 
  7. Configure any additional settings in the Advanced section.
  8. Click Apply Changes to create the network.

LAN-Wide Client Isolation

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Once the guest network is set up on the WLAN (AP) side—it is necessary to make sure the LAN has sufficient isolation, while also allowing common services which may be required (printers, servers, etc.).

In addition to providing the desired client isolation, LAN-side controls on client isolation reduce/eliminate unnecessary broadcast/multicast data, which if left unchecked will have an adverse impact on installation with around 10 or more WLAN APs (see here for details).

The diagram below shows a generalized layout for network-wide (WLAN and LAN) client isolation, while still allowing network-wide core services.

Here's how to set this up as shown in the above example in UniFi Network:

  1. First, open the UniFi Network application that manages your network.
  2. Click the Devices tab on the left to see your devices.
  3. Click on the switch you want to enable port isolation on, and go to the Ports tab.
  4. Either select the ports individually you want to enable port isolation on, or click box to select all.
  5. Click Edit Selected at the bottom.
  6. Go to Advanced.
  7. Expand Advanced Options.
  8. Under Isolation, select Enable port isolation.
  9. Click Apply to finalize changes.
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