UniFi Network - Bluetooth APs

UniFi APs use Bluetooth to accomplish two major services; connecting a Protect All-in-One Sensor to your network, and Device Setup and Adoption.

Protect Sensors

The UniFi Protect All-in-One Sensor can be adopted, and remains connected to your network, via Bluetooth. All of the following APs support this functionality for up to 7 UP-Senses:

  1. Dream Router
  2. U6 Lite (excluding Early Access models)
  3. U6 Long-Range (excluding Early Access models)
  4. U6 Mesh
  5. U6 Professional
  6. U6 In-Wall
  7. U6 Enterprise
  8. U6 Enterprise In-Wall
  9. U6 Extender

Device Setup

Your UniFi Network mobile app can detect the Bluetooth signal of unadopted APs, allowing you to instantly set them up with the tap of a button.

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