Bluetooth APs

UniFi APs use Bluetooth to accomplish two major services; connecting a Protect All-in-One Sensor to your network, and Device Setup and Adoption.

Protect Sensors

The UniFi Protect All-in-One Sensor can be adopted, and remains connected to your network, via Bluetooth. All of the following APs support this functionality for up to 7 UP-Senses:

  1. Dream Router
  2. U6 Lite (excluding Early Access models)
  3. U6 Long-Range (excluding Early Access models)
  4. U6 Mesh
  5. U6 Professional
  6. U6 In-Wall
  7. U6 Enterprise
  8. U6 Enterprise In-Wall
  9. U6 Extender

Device Setup

Your UniFi Network mobile app can detect the Bluetooth signal of unadopted UniFi APs, allowing you to instantly set them up with the tap of a button.

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